Frequently Asked Questions

Equal housing opportunity

World Property Management LLC is committed to the Equal Housing Opportunity Laws, and we do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, National Origin or Age.

  • Furnished or unfurnished?

    Furnished apartments in the Milwaukee area can be expensive. If you are staying for six months or more, it makes more sense to rent an unfurnished apartment and buy or lease your own furniture. We can recommend several rental furniture places.
  • How long is the lease?

    All leases are in writing. Depending on the owner and period of the year, it could be month to month or for an annual period. Normally, it would cover a period of one year. Longer leases could be approved after discussion with the property owner. During slower rental periods, we accept leases for less than one year in order to have the lease expire during a more active rental period. On occasion, we may elect to place a tenant on a month to month or 6 month rental lease to accommodate sale of the property by the owner, a tenant's pending departure, or moving the property into a more active rental period.
  • How should I prepare for a showing appointment?

    If you scheduled a showing with us, leave enough time to view several living spaces. Bring your check book. Let us know up front if you have any current or past credit problems. Have your current and former landlord references. (name, address, phone and how long you lived there). Have at least two, non-relative references. (name, address and phone) Give your agent feedback.
  • I'm moving into Milwaukee from out of town. Can I rent sight unseen?

    Sure you can. If you have a responsible friend in the area, have them get in touch with us to look at apartments for you. Additionally, we will take pictures and send them via e-mail to you. If you are interested in moving forward and taking an apartment off the market; use our on line rental application or we will e-mail. Upon receiving the completed application, supporting documentation and the proper funds, the lease will be prepared and delivered to you for your review and signature. You can expect to pay a non refundable holding fee for taking the apartment off of the market which upon completion of the transaction, will be credited as your security deposit and the first months rent.
  • Should I have renters insurance?

    It is highly recommended that you purchase renter's insurance to cover any loss of your personal property and a possible liability in case of accidents. It is very inexpensive and could save you a lot of money if there is a loss. The owner's insurance on the property only covers the building. It does not cover your belongings. Your renter's insurance should become effective on the date that you take possession of the property and maintain the policy as long as you reside.

    You should be covered in instances....if a candle tips over, a hot pan scorches the kitchen linoleum floor or even if something possibly happens that was not your fault. Water pipes, flooding from backed up drains. It's the unforeseen that renters insurance assist customers with.
  • What criteria should I use in deciding which apartment is the right for me?

    Know what you are looking for. Consider what is the most important priority for you. Is it location, quality, space, pet-friendly, etc? If you do have a pet, there could be a pet deposit or an additional monthly fee. There is also a criteria pertaining to the type of dogs that are not accepted at some properties.

    Consider where you are commuting to everyday. How important is it to be close to public transportation? Will you have an auto? Do you need off street parking?

    How much space do you realistically need? Do you need an extra bedroom or would a study area be OK?

    To qualify for an apartment, your income should be at two and a half to three times the annual rent? Please keep this in mind as you are deciding what you can afford? If you don’t qualify for an apartment alone, a co-signer could be required. The guarantor will need to demonstrate financial stability and good credit.
  • What is a security deposit and how is it handled?

    We require a security deposit equal to at least one month’s rent. The security deposit is held in a trust account and is used by the landlord/manager to pay for any damages due to non-reasonable wear and tear. Normal wear-and-tear is not deducted from the security deposit. Your security deposit may not be used as the last months rent.

    Once we verify the property has been vacated, (this includes keys properly returned) we perform our walk through inspection. This inspection is to determine if you are responsible for any damages. If there are no damages to the unit, we will return the entire balance within the twenty one days which is mandated by Wisconsin. If there are damages, (which are verified against your "move in" inspection with photos) your security deposit, minus repairs, will be returned within the twenty one days which again is mandated by Wisconsin. Any deductions from a deposit are supported by copies of bills for the expenditure, or otherwise authorized in the Lease Agreement.
  • When is rent due and how do I pay?

    Rent is due on the first of each month. If a tenant moves into a property during the middle of the month, rent for the month will be prorated, and the rent for the ensuing months will be due on the first. Rent is considered late if it's not paid by the end of the business day on the fifth of the month. After the fifth, notices are delivered and late fees are automatically assessed.

    World Property Management has software in the Resident portal that permits you to pay on line from the comfort of your home or office. This convenience is at no cost to you. If you do wish to mail your payment or bring it to the office, there is $6.00 processing fee. You are welcome to pay by check or money order made out to World Property Management LLC. Cash is not accepted.
  • When is the best time to move?

    Timing is everything. If you must move, that would be anytime you have to. If you can pick your time, you will have the best selection of apartments and homes from April to August and even September. After August, kids are back in school, most people want to be settled in for fall and winter and selection on the market diminishes. Then you have our Wisconsin weather to contend with.