About Us

Our friendly, personalized approach to property management guarantees that our clients and residents receive the best possible customer service. Our philosophy is building a business on a base of rock solid, dependable customer service. We work very closely with our owner / investors to develop a relationship of understanding of your asset management plans for your property. This will ensure you receive the desired returns from your real estate investments.

Joseph Mundo » Property Manager, Broker/Owner

Raised with an Italian heritage in Chicago and a respect for working in the trades with my step father, I found it easier to earn money than go to school. Working along side my father and also in a close friend's grocery business, I found something was missing inside of me and I wished to search. At 17, I joined the Navy and attended school while serving aboard the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier stationed in Yokosuka, Japan.

I joined at the tail end of the Viet Nam war and participated in Operation FREQUENT WIND, the evacuation of South Viet Nam. This gave me an opportunity to witness Naval history as we were leaving Viet Nam. A Cessna Bird Dog plane that seats two was loaded with two adults and their five children. The pilot, a South Vietnamese Air Force Major asked for permission, then landed on our flight deck while we were at sea. This brave family escaped the fall of South Viet Nam. The plane is now on display at the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, FL.

From a plane captain to working on the jet's hydraulic and pneumatic systems aboard both the USS Midway and the USS Enterprise, I found a love in working with my hands. I was 21 when I completed my active duty. You return to what you know and I found myself back in the grocery business, then on to the big box stores with an international organization, then to a major clothing retailer. For all of those years I rendered a high level of respect and service to our customers. This service combined with value has been the cornerstone of the development of "World Property Management". We own properties ourselves and relate to the everyday tribulations of our Owner and Clients.

The experience we wish to deliver to you is Peace of Mind and Freedom of Time. It is our goal to gain your confidence and relieve our Owners and Clients of the daily ordeals of management. This will gain you the time to continue to grow your portfolio or enjoy your pleasures.