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Move Out Policy

Info You Need

Contact the World Property Management LLC office with a written notice prior to 45 days of your expected move out or as per your current lease states.

If you are in a single-family home or participate in a water payment, please communicate with Milwaukee Water Works at 414-286-2830. Explain you will be moving and require a “final water bill”. They will direct you from there.

To avoid paying double daily rent, please bring your keys to our office at 6330 W. Lincoln Ave after you have cleaned and vacated the premises. All keys must be turned in no later than 5 p.m. on the last day of the month, lease date or agreed upon date. Once your keys have been received, your previous residence will be walked and the Security Deposit refund process will be started. You will receive your itemized Refund form / Invoice within 21 days of releasing possession of the unit by delivering the keys to our office. Based on circumstances, there could be other ways to return your keys. Please contact our office for discussion with and authorization from the Broker.

704.27 Damages for failure of tenant to vacate at end of lease or after notice. If a tenant remains in possession without consent of the tenant's landlord after expiration of a lease or termination of a tenancy by notice given by either the landlord or the tenant, or after termination by valid agreement of the parties, the landlord may recover from the tenant damages suffered by the landlord because of the failure of the tenant to vacate within the time required. In absence of proof of greater damages, the landlord may recover as minimum damages twice the rental value apportioned on a daily basis for the time the tenant remains in possession. As used in this section, rental value means the amount for which the premises might reasonably have been rented, but not less than the amount actually paid or payable by the tenant for the prior rental period, and includes the money equivalent of any obligations undertaken by the tenant as part of the rental agreement, such as payment of taxes, insurance and repairs.